Working in a London Steak Restaurant – 3 Tips to Boost Tips

‘Why? & How?’ – Is what turns the obvious into a lesson learned.

Why should I do this?

How do I do this?

The 3 points below are common knowledge to most people. The ‘Why?’ is in the title – “…to boost tips’. More than 50% of workers assume that if they know why they have to do something then that will be enough to get by. That’s not good enough. Here’s How:

  1. Smile

  2. Know Your Products

  3. Have an Opinion


Smile with your eyes. Have a look in the mirror and slightly raise your eyelids, relax your jaw and smile – that’s how you fake it. It works but to come across even more genuine, get into the habit of having something funny in mind all the time when you’re taking orders or speaking to your customers. Keep it in the back of your mind so that your aura is always happy and welcoming. Psychologically you’ll feel a lot warmer and sociable which will lend itself kindly to your tables. Here’s some fabulous inspiration:


Know your products like the alphabet. It’s no secret that the most successful people in any industry have extensive knowledge of their business. Know how the Chef makes the steaks, know how long it’s left to marinate, know how to explain what’s been the most popular option and why and if there’s anything you aren’t sure about, write it down so the next time that situation arises you’ll never be unsure again.


Have an opinion on everything on the menu starting from the most popular dishes to the least. Ask yourself “what’s the best alternative to this dish?” Before the customers do. Know how YOU like your steak and develop a genuine opinion by trying out every kind in the restaurant. Londoners aren’t always easy to please. Consider how people most commonly travel to your local London steak restaurant and use that to tailor your first step to building rapport with the table. Sharing external grievances then diffusing the rage with laughter is a great way to build rapport.

The customers will be excited to come back!

I could give more tips but you have to earn them. One day i’ll write another post called 3 more quick tips to boost tips when working in a London steak restaurant but as a starting point, nailing these down with a sledgehammer will increase your earnings.


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