5 Things I Wish I Had Started 5 Years Ago

5 Years ago I wish I had….

  1. Read more books

  2. Pursued work outside of my job

  3. Had a solid backup plan for everything

  4. Networking

  5. Broken down the steps to my goals into smaller pieces


If I was to have read more books when I was 20 I would have known much earlier the importance of the other 4 things that I wish I started 5 years ago.

What I have learned from some of the books that I am reading now is that it’s not enough to just wait for an opportunity in the organization that you work for to progress and hope that the salary increase facilitates a better lifestyle – no, you have to pursue work outside of your job and that means freelance, start an online business, exploit the lucrativity of the internet. This falls nicely into my next point..

Have a backup plan for everything because you never know if that promotion meeting you think you’re going for could go in the opposite direction and leave you unemployed. The backup plan keeps the sidestream income going if you remain consistent. Would you like a starting point to sidestream income and freelancing? [Insert Title/Link]

Cue the most accurate statement in the history of anything – “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, Networking is hands down one of the most important steps towards pretty much everything. Through a chain of 6 people you’re connected to the entire world! Get yourself a website and a business card, i’ll guide you through it.

We are motivated by results. When someone goes to the gym, their best motivation is #gains and in the same way if you write your first blog post or get that first piece of verbal or visual validation you’ll naturally respond in the same way. Break down the steps to your goals into smaller pieces and you’ll relish the feeling of crossing each step off the list.


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