4 Things A Manager Should Never Do

We’ve all seen it before. Some of us have been at the forefront of it. Others have dished it out more than Saturday night takeaways. In retail, in the office, in our lives in general, the way we deal with things shape our growth. My focus is work and helping people to see how they can improve. Not by pointing it out but by facilitating reflection and self-analysis. You are your own worst critic, if you can use that critique to be a more constructive critic of yourself, you’re on the way to greatness!

4 Things a Manager Should Never Do:

  1.  The Opposite of Communication – not communicating with your team can cause issues in the short and long term. Some people believe they’re holding things back to benefit the team in the long run however that short term period of non-communication can cause chaos. This would impact everything going forwards. It can be as simple as going into more detail with instructions you give to your staff. It is possible to create more efficiency in the team when they understand your way of thinking.
  2. ‘Everything’ – explanations & delegation are two of the main ingredients in learning and development. As a manager you naturally have a belief in yourself that you can do all of the jobs yourself however you’re flawed if you refuse to delegate certain tasks to help your team members learn. Take a chance on a mistake happening then share an explanation on how to avoid it in the future. Lesson learned.
  3. Act On External Emotions – it’s normal to have a life outside of the work environment but the moment the two cross swords you could be facing self-destruction. It is not wise to let the hangover or the argument with your partner dictate how you speak to people at work, nor is it beneficial to pass anger down the hierarchy. If your senior passed negativity to you, it’s your job to make sure that that’s as far as it goes and that it never goes that far again.
  4. Lose Touch With Your Vertebrate  – which means you need to have a backbone. There will be times when you will get orders from above and have to act on it. As much as it is important to listen to your superiors, consider the fact that to be in their position you should think with their way of thinking. You might find that there’s a faster more efficient way to do the task. That solution could lead to better productivity across the board. Should you stay quiet about it? I’m not so sure you should. Challenging conventional status quo is where innovation comes from. If you can do this successfully you demonstrate your worth to the business.

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And Finally…

There are plenty more than just 4 things a manager should never do. I’ve named a few. It’s easy to lose track of your conduct in a hectic retail or office environment. That’s where composure comes in, discipline comes in, and self-awareness comes in. There’s always someone that will write about it. That’s where I come in. (Then I proceed to list other good reading material)

Further Reading

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